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The never ending cycle of GAS continues!

Long story short, I installed a pickup in one of my Gibson Flying V's that just didn't quite do it for me, and thus - that pickup is now for sale (along with a bunch of other gear of mine). Once it (and some other stuff sells), I will likely try another pickup (or set of pickups) out in the V!

The guitar came stock w/Burstbucker Pros. I actually dig these pickups, enough that I decided to leave my other V stock (which has BB Pros in it as well). But I like some tonal variation with my guitars, so I tried out a Wolfetone Blisterbucker (A really hot 16.5 K pickup) in the bridge of the V in question - Unfortunately, it sounded too dark and murky for my taste in the V. Probably a great pickup for a bright guitar, but too dark for something like a V/Explorer (naturally dark sounding guitars, in my experience).

The guitar will be used for metal (classic and modern), and hard rock mostly. I'd like to have solid cleans, too. The BB pros are pretty decent at this, but I'd like a bridge pickup that can be a bit more tight in the lows, and bright/articulate enough in the highs to retain maxium clarity under high gain, and with downtuning. I'd like a neck pickup that can be punchy and articulate w/fast lead runs, but also have awesome cleans as well. I don't necessarily want maximum output, just maximum tone!

I'm tempted to check out a set of the Bareknuckle Rebel Yells (I'm worried Nailbombs will be too hot/dark - even the A5 version) - The current pound to dollar exchange rate has made BKP a lot more affordable for me as a US buyer - Not much more than a set of Duncans - So now/in the near future would be a great time for me to buy a set.

I was also thinking of trying a SD Custom 5 and 59 combo, or maybe even just the tried and true JB/59. But I'm open to other ideas!

Thanks in advance!
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The Rebel Yells are great, and would be best for 80s-90s metal. Not sure if that's what you're aiming for. With the exchange rate being what it is, I'd also check out BKP's HB-sized P90s, either as a set or just for the neck. I've found the bridge HB/neck P90 configuration to be really fun. Another UK builder to look at for HBs or HB-sized P90s while the £ is devalued is The Creamery.

Other pickups to check out would be the Tesla VR-Extreme (similar to the Rebel Yells) and various RailHammers. The Chisel/Chisel or Anvil/Chisel sets are perfect for metal. Like BKP & The Creamery, RailHammer also offers HB-sized P90s HB-sized P90s worth considering.
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Why not call Rob Timmons at Arcane and tell him what you're trying to accomplish and have him build you some hand-wound custom-built pickups? He designed Jim Tyler's pickups, does the pickups on Trussart guitars and has some of the coolest distressed pickup covers around.
I have a BKP Aftermath in one of my guitars and it sounds great for high gain, while still having good cleans. It's not knock-your-socks-off great for cleans, but it has a very clear response, which I like.
They are active but what are your thoughts on the EMG 57/66?
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Quote by metalmingee
They are active but what are your thoughts on the EMG 57/66?
Looking to stick with passives. I prefer the passive sound, and would rather not have to route a battery cavity in the V.
- Gibson Flying V 120 #1 (White)
- Gibson Flying V 120 #2 (Cherry)
- Gibson SG Standard ('61 style)
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- ENGL Fireball 60
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- Many pedals, plus other stuff
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Both the 59 and Custom 5 are scooped sounding, with the Custom 5 being about twice as loud. It is especially a great combo if you have a very mid-heavy guitar. The lows remain really tight and present.