Serious question for all of you just for the sake of healthy debate. Why would some choose a major brand brand like Fender, Gibson, or PRS, ETC. instead of the cheaper more economical Epiphone, Squier, Godin...

Assuming you are reasonably educated on guitars, why spend the money on a higher price point guitar when you can set-up and upgrade a cheaper guitar to play just as well if not better than a more expensive guitar. Does it go to the name on the headstock debate? The feel debate? (This is irrelevant as you can simply put the love and work into a cheaper guitar and make it feel good play according to the individual), nostalgia debate, this guitarist used this brand debate?

I really don't get it?
Quote by anthonymarisc
I really don't get it?

You don't seem to have any desire to "get it." How many troll threads is this now? And you haven't learned anything from any of them, clearly.

I'll post the same thing I posted the first time you made a quasi-troll thread about how people are stupid for having different opinions.

Another "why doesn't everyone share my budget and priorities" thread.

This thread has been done a million times and it's never anything more than whining that other people have or are willing to spend different amounts of money. If you're genuinely curious, ask different questions. This one's indistinguishable from trolling.

Perhaps you mean well but this is a pretty obnoxious question, and presumes that everyone should either share your values or justify theirs to you.