I have a really nice guitar that i want try and change the electrical components to make it kick ass.
I already ordered new pickups, but i think i have to change everything of the electrical components.
I'm pretty handy but i am sceptical to ordering parts cause i dont know if they will fit physically and electrically.
Is there like a standard for the size so i can order parts safely?
And if i order say a 250K potensiometer should that have a specific capacitor? i saw 500k and 250k pots.

Any advice appreciated
What guitar is it? What is the pickup configuration?

What are the current values of the potentiometers that are already in the guitar? If you want to replace the pots, just replace them with ones of the same value.
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Eastwood Ultra GP(Ovation Ultra Gp Replika), i think there is 500K pots mounted. so i have 4x 500k pots in my cart+ 2x volume mod for pots+ 10feet of quality wire+switch 3way on-on-on + input jack
should be all i need right? i cant see anything else the way it is set up now
500K pots for humbuckers is fine. You'll want audio (log) pots. Linear pots will perceptively cause the guitar's volume to jump in output in the first couple of numbers and then hardly do anything after that. This happens because humans hear loudness logarithmically. What log pots do is lower in resistance at a rate that is of the inverse of how we hear loudness, which causes the 2 logs to cancel out, creating what is perceived to be a more linear increase in volume as you rotate the pot. At least in theory.

The caps that you currently have in the guitar are probably perfectly fine. But if you want to sniff a bit of cork, you can buy Sprague Orange Drops or NOS Paper-in-Oils for a lot more money. 0.022uf caps are commonplace on humbuckers. Some people like to run a 0.022uf for the bridge pickup but use a 0.015uf for the neck pickup so that the tone control of the neck pickup is in a more useful range. The higher the capacitance value, the more treble is rolled off.

But if you turn the tone knob all the way up to 10 all the time anyway, then tone cap is going to doing next to nothing so it's something you can happily ignore.
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Ok thanks for info that was enlighting!
I already bought some new PRS pickups but i dont know what type they are, bought them for like 25$ they were from a cheap prs model se 245 i was told they were decent.
I think im gonna order both 250k and 500k pots and plenty of wire and experiment, except for the welds it shouldnt be to damaging to eperiment right? only thing im thinking its gonna be hard to test how the setup sounds with strings mounted -.-