I new to the forums. Just starting playing about 4 months ago and have been using a friends Eppy Les Paul Standard. Im ready to purchase
my own. I like 80's rock, Metal, and classic rock. My buget is around 350.00 I have seen quite a few on here suggest Jackson. I have played them in the store and like then along with Strats, and even the new Michelle electrics. I found a few nice Jacksons in the Guitar Centers used section and would like your thoughts.

Thank you for your time.




Every single one of those guitars you've listed has the incorrect model name. That's typical for GC.

Totally bastardised DK2M (the QHT part is totally wrong). White knobs look dumb. Seymour Duncan pickups have been ripped out and replaced with mystery meat pickups (previous scumbag who owned it figured they could get more money if they sold the pickups separately on ebay no doubt). Strap button on the bottom is wrong. Output jack looks fucked up. Who knows what else is wrong with this guitar.

This is a mutt. It's actually a DXMG with what looks like a DK2M neck on it. One of the locking nut plates is missing.

This looks more like a DKMGT but the quality of the photo makes it almost impossible to confirm.

This looks like an old DK2 from the early 2000's. It looks fairly stock but the locking nut plates are once again, missing.
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Nice choices. Jackson makes sleek, easy guitars. Any one of these could work for you. My only advice is, if you can, stay away from the Floyd Rose. They are great to have but they can also be a real pain. tuning and intonation can be real issues as well as the playability of the guitar.

I hope that helps you.
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Thank you everyone . I Plan on taking a look at the Squire Classic Vibe and the Mitchell TD400.
I'd keep my eye out for more Jacksons or Charvels.
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Look on eBay or Reverb for MIJ jackson. Look for original parts. You will get better description and picture for guitars sold by owners. Do you want Hss or HH?
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I'd keep my eye out for more Jacksons or Charvels.

Yeah. I mean, it depends on what all he plays and how much of it, but since he listed 80s rock first, I'm assuming that's the most important genre. In that case, a jackson or charvel would likely be a better bet than a classic vibe squier.
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