So, lately i'v been doing a DT marathon of skill grinding. -and failing of course

One thing i'v noticed, is that Petrucci uses a lot of Barred Sweeps.
He would sweep something like this at light-year speeds like cutting butter
Rolling the 14s and the last 12s, which i have no big issues working on.
I decided to tackle with The Glass Prison arps section at the beginning (2:22min). The arpeggios are actually not that hard and the pattern is often similar throughout the whole thing. Problem resides in.

x-15-12----------------12-15 12-------

Whenever i roll my index finger from B to G, the E rings out as an open string.
I have no issues doing descending stuff while rolling, but ascending there is always some unwanted noise.
In other words i suck, any tips on how to mute it
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renatofrmsantos that would probably be played as a partial bar on the 12th fret throughout - bar only the top three strings with your index and mute with your picking hand if necessary . Try that.
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Agree I'd play it with only the top three strings barred. Then you can use a totally flat barre with the last segment of your index finger, which is a lot easier to roll than the side of your index finger.
Partial bar probably
Next level is the Buried Alive solo by A7X


And so on, or something like that
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Normally the fretting hand makes a tunnel where only one string is unmuted. You tried that?

I kind do a Up and Down, so whenever I reach the G string the part that was barring and muting the E through out B does a mini pull off.
I'v never tried do it tunnel shape, if that's even the same thing we talking about. But i can see it working in my head, will give it a go for sure.

Thank you for all your answers
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If you want a great exercise for this stuff learn eugene's trick bag from the crossroads movie - it covers mosts patterns.

Thanks, will check it.