Dear Ultimate guitar.

I REALLY want to refund my LIFETIME subscription which I didn't agree with anywhere. I really can't do that anywhere else.

On Support, they say that I can get refunded 14 days after subscription. Which is today. So they say click your logo (you get to http://plus.ultimate-guitar.com/account/) and then Manage subscriptions. There is no such button. Everything is documented in the attachment.

When I studied the page source code, i found an invisible link leading to http://plus.ultimate-guitar.com/account/overview/ , and there is the Manage subscription button. Finally i got to the page http://plus.ultimate-guitar.com/account/manage-subscription/ , where i should be able to cancel the subscription. But when I click my plan or anything else on the page, nothing happens.

So I get back to Support (http://support.ultimate-guitar.com/knowledgebase/articles/514232-how-do-i-get-refund-for-tab-pro ). I noticed that at the bottom of the page, there is a banner saying: "If you are still confused and don't know how to solve your problem just contact us using the button on the top." But sadly, no button on the top, just weirdly looking form with stock images of two people. I submitted a form there and in one minute, i received a mail (obviously automated) with no name in it, asking for reason why i want to unsubscribe.

Ok so no way to directly email someone or even no phone number. What now?

At this point I am so paranoid that i think this message won't show up in the forum. We will see.

Ultimate guitar seems to be just a bunch of thieves who earn money on selling tabs of those artists who didn't asked for withdrawing them so far. DON'T SUBSCRIBE ANYONE!