For some reason my newly installed DAW (Sonar) is recognizing the mixer signal coming in but not letting it pass through to the monitors in real time. Everything else is just fine. Midi tracks are played and heard in real time, recorded, and played back with no issues. Imported audio tracks play back fine. All the levels on the tracks are good, nothing is muted, the meters are registering the incoming signal. If I record that incoming signal, it records fine with a visible waveform,I just cant hear it during the recording

However, when that recorded track I couldn't hear before is played back, with nothing being changed other than pressing play, it does come through.

Steps Taken: New Project, New Track, Arm Track, Signal is showing up in the track Meter (but no sound in Speakers), I record that signal and waveform shows up fine(still cant hear though), stop, replay, can now hear the recorded track

I don't know if this is a driver issue or Sonar... I'm completely baffled at this point.

Anyone know what might be causing this?

Windows 7 Pro
Sonar Platinum
ASIO4ALL audio driver
Xynyx Q802usb Mixer
I am thinking that it might be the ASIO4ALL driver, as when you stop the audio engine once it reproduces the recorded track. Can you try and switch to another driver in Sonar for that interface? Do they have a factory ASIO driver for that mixer? If not, tinker with ASIO4ALL settings...

It says mixer comes with Tracktion - did you try that as comparison?

Might want to contact Behringer on this as it looks like the mixer should work with some kind of driver but they don't specify anything on their site:
... if anything at least make them work for it

I think it might be easier to just get a new stereo interface to fully use Sonar.
Thanks for the reply. I actually figured it out late yesterday. Sonar has a button in the track controls called Input Echo that wasn't toggled on which allows the incoming signal to pass through to the master. Im assuming this is a common feature in recording software. This is my first experience with a DAW.

I'll check out the link on the beringer.
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