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I did this entirely with bias fx. What do you guys think?

It is not bad, but I think in lieu of getting a really "dreamy" tone to fit M83's style, the guitar sounds too distant and thin. It does not really "cut" in the mix, which is a dense mix to work with anyways, and the guitar looses a lot of definition. Particularly on the runs or generally faster-paced lines you did, it just kind of sounds like noise.

I think a lot of that could be solved by using a bridge pickup setting instead of a neck pickup, which is what it looks like you have selected. That will give you more bite and clarity at your level of distortion. Maybe also back off some on the delay/reverb you have as well. You might want to back the distortion down too. Experiment with it and see.

I think for the really simple, slow, single-note lines, the tone works fairly well though. If you played a part that had JUST that type of line, I think the tone would fit much better. But the faster lines I cannot really make out. You maybe could do a hybrid of tones- keep the slow single note lines how they are, but switch to a less saturated tone for the fast lines, then back again. You can either record it that way by playing two different parts, or switching effects during the recording.
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