As the topic said,I've been choosing 2-3 guitars recently,but I can't make a choice between these guitars,so would you guys please give my some advice on that.I prefer playing rock and metal

The first guitar is Schecter Sd-2-24
The second one is Schecter Hellraiser hybrid avenger FRS
And finally ESP LTD M-1000

Thx guys????
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What type of amp/effects will you be playing through?

For rock and or metal any of these 3 would be suitable it depends on what gear you prefer on it which pickups? Do you need, want or know what a Sustainiac is?

Best case scenario is to get your hands on each of them and decide which one you prefer.
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I'm using a Blackstar ID core40,I just use it for practicing and playing on my own
My budget is about 1200-1600 usd