I'm learning the solo to Toto 21st century blues. But am having trouble finding where the chords come from and how to analyze it.

The chords are F#m9 G7 Bm7 C7 Fm7 F#7 C7 B7.

Lots of chromatic stuff. It might make sense to just treat every chord as its own key. (There are some dominant-tonic relationships, though. C7 in both C7-Fm7 and C7-B7 functions as a dominant.)

I don't get the backing track, though. The original has a triplet feel, this has even 8th notes.
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I agree with MM. Analysing the chords is pretty much a waste of time (maybe a diverting academic exercise?), at least in terms of understanding how to improvise on it (or to understand the original solo).

The solo sticks pretty much to chord tones (including 9ths) on the min7 chords - minor pent plus 9th, as far as I've listened (which is not much ) - and the mixolydian mode of the dom7 chords, with some blues-bending of the 3rds.
In fact, there's a fair amount of emphasis on the 9ths here and there. No sense of an overall key, in the solo anyway. (The last C7-B7 chords strongly imply a cadence into Em, but the vocal comes back on a G, so that's a deceptive cadence).

Interesting solo, for how it targets the chord tones (including 7 and 9), and outlines the chords in interesting ways.