In this lesson I teach you a lick from Paul Gilbert. What makes this lick interesting is the fact, that we play a mixing between legato and alternate picking.
The lesson teaches you :

- How to play the lick
- how to connect legato and alternate picking
- practice for the upstroke for string connection


Thanks for this! Great lesson. I was struggling to play the solo in the intro of Superheroes by Racer X. I thought that Paul picked every note in alternate picking by looking a video. But based on your video, and also on how hard it is to do it the way I did, I think he does it exactly like you showed it in your video.

I also like the way you stressed how important to start either on upstrokes or downstrokes in order to have an efficient picking.
Good work
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Hey thanks so much ! It´s great to hear feedback like that ! Superheroes is one of my fav. songs ! Well something I´ve learned from Paul Gilbert is that it´s all about the rythm feeling and making things actually simple, though he music is absolut masterclass to play ! cheers