Hi Guys,

I just played my pedalboard and there where some strange and huge volume changes. First I was shocked and hoped that its nothing serious. After trying out every effect I found out that my "Homebrew H.B.E Fullmetaljacket" - Distortion was the cause for the problems.
After trying out a few minutes i found out, that if I unplug the effect and plug it in again i got normal sound. If i hit the distortion button i distorts as it should, but then if i go back to not distorted it often leads to a huge volume drop or complete silence. When i put on distortion again the volume comes back. Sometimes if i push the Booster Button it also comes back to full volume and sometimes the volume drop doesnt occur, or just very fast. Summarized, the pedal makes volumechanges with every On/Off switching.
Do you have an idea where the problem might be?

cheers and thanks a lot
obvious guess is the switcher is faulty and doesn't always properly disengage so the signal passing through gets affected.
+1 to checking the switch. Try cleaning it with some contact cleaner if you have some to see if that helps. If it doesn't, replace the switch. If you are running the pedal on battery, then that would be a step to check before the switch. If you are using a PSU, make sure you have enough mA on tap to power all your pedals.
Thanks, i will clean the switch and hope that it will help. I got a voodoo plus 2 with only 5 standard 9V pedals on it, so the mA should be enough and im not using batteries . So lets hope its the switch