Still hoping for some help [chords request] Animal Years - Forget What They're Telling You

Forgive me if I am posting this in the wrong area of the forum.

Hoping someone could help me tab out the song below. Pretty new to guitar so although I can tell the intro for example is B to F# to D to C#, I am having trouble determining the chord voicings/shapes. Thanks to anyone who can help. Don't need a full tab, just chords with the few different parts.

Forget What They're Telling You by Animal Years

I attempted to use the hyperlink button to add this link, but it didn't work. I'll go look through forum rules to see if there's a specific way to add videos. Here's this link until then.

Here are links to the song's music video/a grainy early version of the song being played:

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dschreiber41 Any part of the song would be greatly appreciated. Thanks again in advance.
Ok, I will do the song for you sometimes on Saturday..ok.
I believe I have the lyrics... I will do the entire song from their official video
From you tube... (The second one you have up..ok)

I will post the link to it when done here ..or on your home page...ok
Song is done.... I sent the tab link to your home page ...

If you like it please rate it 5 stars...

Also, if you think something is not correct please send me an email ..
The email address is on the tab....


By the way, I couldn't resist...LOL