I'm new to playing guitar, and I was hoping to find something used for under $150 off craigslist. Is there anything in specific I should look for in an acoustic guitar? As a college student, money is a bit tight and I'd just like something to learn on. Jack Johnson is a huge inspiration, if that matters when choosing a guitar style.

A few guitars listed on craigslist:





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If $150 is your max...get something name brand that you recognize...and hope for the best. You're going to hate it in just a few months of playing it end up selling it for half of what you paid and then spend even more money on a nicer guitar. For a $150 dollar craiglist guitar the frets might need replacing, it probably won't stay in tune, the action will most likely need adjusting, etc, which really just means more money to make it playable. I would save and save till you are up around 350-450 and get a used base model Taylor....
just my 2 cents
So I have been recording, performing and teaching guitar for quite awhile now. About two years ago was in a place where I needed a new acoustic guitar quickly. I decided to go to Guitar Center to try out literally every acoustic in the store. I wanted a great playing acoustic. One that wouldn't fatigue my hands because I'd perform for three hours with it. I also needed it to be acoustic-electric so I could amplify it at gigs. I tried out Taylors, Martins, etc.
The best feeling guitar was actually only $300 new. It was a Fender CD140SCE. The action was low and the neck felt great.


It's one of the easiest to play acoustic guitars I've ever played.
However, the tone is not deep, rich and full. It's great for gigging and practicing but not the best sounding for recording.
I would highly recommend this guitar to someone starting out though!
J0EYZ if youre on a really tight budget try looking for a good quality second hand one, mine was only £140 and they cost about £300 new
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My God, it's full of stars!