Not sure what good this information does for your friend but I'm glad I could help him/her.
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One of my best friends has, he pissed it out and said it was one of the most painful things he's ever experienced.
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Yes. It fucking sucked so bad
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Yeah dude, it's probably the worst thing ever.
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My roommate did late last year and it made him cry in pain and he could barely move

Best of luck to your friend
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how the hell are you guys getting kidney stones at such a young age

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I wish I was American.

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Yeah. Must have been a smaller one. I was in pain for hours, and during an interlude of that pain I was told to expect one of the worst experiences of my life, practically grabbing onto my ribs for dear life. Nothing happened. I guess being told that it's so awful after the fact made the pain much less severe in retrospect.

I can think of worse ailments. Having a tooth extracted or passing a kidney stone are not, to me, on the same level as the whooping cough or gonorrhea. I'd actually prefer something overtly painful over a common cold. Not sure why but the latter feels much more torturous to me.
The easiest part is passing it imo. The worst is anytime before it actually reaches the urethra.
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We all have the rights to be mad

So does you
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The easiest part is passing it imo. The worst is anytime before it actually reaches the urethra.

Yeah....that sharp pain of ejection isn't nearly as bad as the back pain that you suffer for days before passing the stone.

The bladder stone I passed was pretty much identical to the kidney stone on the passing part, but no back pain so it was infinitely preferable
my friend would like to thank everyone for their answers
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I've had my gallbladder shut down, which led to very painful attacks. They're apparently about as painful as kidney stones, because doctors looked for those before they figured out it was my gallbladder.
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I've had them before, they hurt like FUCK. Had a very bad row with them actually. I had lithotripsy 2 years ago to remove the rest before any further problems happened. Went to the hospital 3 times for it since 07'. Have had both laser and ultrasonic lithotripsy to fix the issue.

I still remember it all - the agony, pissing out what looked like over-concentrated Iced Tea mix or even strawberry jelly after my first surgery. Urethral stents suck ass - bend wrong and your whole side hurts. Days and nights are made livable by being sedated on heavy pain meds, sometimes to a point you do things and don't even realize you did them. I remember waking up at 2a.m. on the last run of stones walking up and down the hall uttering "god please kill me" to myself.

NOT FUN! Also expensive....very expensive. I think I paid my fare for all those late teen years eating lots of Doritoes and drinking tons of phosphor laden Soda. I now drink water and try to avoid processed/salty/acidic foods when I can, it works.
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One of my friends died from one a couple of years back.... hope your friend is ok
I've had them twice.
The pain is so bad, it made me throw up.

The last one I had, I was "interviewed" by the triage nurse.
And the way th hospital ER waiting are was, it looked like I would be waiting there for a few hours.
A few minutes into the "interview", I grabbed the trashcan next to her desk and threw-up in it.
A few minutes later, I already had a bed.

I remember reading in another forum about other peoples experience with kidney stones.
One of them told me, that he was told by the nurse that helped treat him "Honey, I've had 4 kids and 2 kidney stones. I'd rather have another kid".
How do you get them?

Isn't it from not drinking enough water or something over a long period of time?
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How do you get them?

Isn't it from not drinking enough water or something over a long period of time?
i think salt might have something to do with it, too.
one time I got stoned and ate someone's kidney?
they're coming to take me away
nope but i heard it's awful to the power of bare hella

also i think if you're fat doctors here don't grant you the removal operation papers until you lose enough weight

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I got a really small one a couple months ago. I was walking and all of a sudden felt like I was being stabbed in the side. I guess my kidney swelled up and was pressing on a nerve or something. Some Hydromorphine later and it was gone within a week or so.
One of my friends has had a couple of them and my dad has had a lot of kidney stones. He just had one a couple of weeks ago. Pretty sure it's because he doesn't drink nearly enough water.

I've never had one and doubt I ever will, just based on the amount of water I drink. I guess it's possible from other causes.
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4 times. Last one in January. It was the first time it took more than a few hours of hell to pass. Took almost 4 days....

It was like labor pain where it'd be hell for an hour, go away for an hour be hell for 3 hours, go away for 5 hours, hit me again hard before it quit the rest of the day. Oh, and it was giving me a terrible case of pure fire water IBS and made me want to vomit from the pain. I just started kneeling in the shower so the hot water would hit my back....plus i figured it'd be the safest place to be in case i started losing control and having accidents.

Itd been nearly 5 years since my last one, so i thought maybe this was different, but i waited 3 days to go since i have shit insurance now. I used to go to the ER immediately and get CT scans and bloodwork like it was nothing. Now i had to wait till i was scared of potentially dying. Got some FloMax and generic vicodin. It passed into my bladder i guess, cause it stayed there another 4 days till i caught it with my strainer at work. Ugly motherfucker....was about 3.5 mm and looked dead on like the asteroid from that movie Armagedon all sharp edges like daggers and several different colors.