I'm going to buy one here soon, and I know the guitarist for DGD uses a flying V, and their rhythm guitarist uses a tele, so I wonder if the strat would just be the best of both to do either with. The tele is hotter, but my gut is leaning towards the strat.

Never heard of that band and with a name like that I don't think I want to.

Edit: sorry I though I was still in the Pit
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I kinda like DGD.

You aren't going to make a strat with single coils sound like a Gibson V in a million years. You might get the guitar to sound a bit like a telecaster, but given strats don't sound like V's any more than a tele does, I don't see why you don't just get a tele.

What is your budget? What features do you want? New/used, location etc.
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Should have clarified, was leaning towards an HSS strat. As far as budget, American standard level at least
A strat is nowhere "between" a tele and a Flying V that I'm aware of.
If you're leaning toward a strat for other reasons, go for it.