Hi all, as of right now we are two guitarists and a singer looking for a rhythm section for a project by the name of Palatine Light. We're in the process of writing music for an EP, as well as a concept album later down the line. So far we have written some eclectic stuff, and mostly it's old-school 80s-style heavy metal with modern prog sensibilities. We plan on playing live as soon as we can get all everyone together, and having a covers-oriented setlist along with our originals setlist.

The bass parts I have written include a healthy amount of slapping, and our drum parts have lots of double-bass and polyrhythms. We would like anyone interested to be comfortable with playing music in that vein. Also, we want to be mostly democratic in our writing, so we are all open to suggestion, and any bass and drums parts are for the most part tentative.

My email address is jdillo16@gmail.com
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