Hello guys. I need some to help to choose a guitar. I want to play hardcore music like Hatebreed, Raised Fist, Sick Of It All and also Melodic Hardcore like Defeater, Counterparts, Have Heart. he problem is that need to buy the guitar in a local shop so I selected four but I don't know which one choose. This are:
- www.musimaster.com/gibson-sg-faded-2016-wc.html
- www.musimaster.com/gibson-lp-studio-50s-tribute-2016-t-satin-eb.html
- www.musimaster.com/esp-ltd-ec-401-blk.html
- www.musimaster.com/epiphone-prophecy-lp-custom-plus-ex-me.html
Thanks for replaying. Btw the links are in spanish so sorry.