So i have been offered an ESP Eclipse 1 as a trade for some of my other gear. I have a LTD Ec-401, and i love it, so im thinking im gonna love the Eclipse even more, and ive been gassing for one for a while now. Im just wondering how it is compared to the 401. I love the ltd because its thinner and not as massive as the epi or gibson les pauls, with a thinner neck. Is the eclipse similar? Or is it a full thickness body version? The back of the neck says "ESP Standard Series". I mean, of course im gonna try it out, but i just wanna know what im getting myself into. Im not sure i want a "full body" one, because it probably weighs a ton. The only reason im actualy confused about this, is because it has a 4 knob control section, and i always thought that eclipses had 3 knobs. Anyway, here are the pics that the guy sent, and none of them are from an angle where the body thickness is visible.

So any general info about this guitars is greatly appreciated.

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I believe that is one of the older models, which would explain the 4 knobs. Not sure on how they compare though, sorry.
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The Eclipse 1's had a 4 knob layout.

Obviously this guitar has been modded.

I think the regular eclipses will be similar if not the same in thickness as your 401. Will this guitar be nicer? Most definitely. ESP's are very nice.
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I know its been moded, the pickups are obviously changed. What kinda bothers me tho, is that the serial number indicates it was made in 2009. Were the first eclipses still in production then?

EDIT: It would seem it fits the description of the Eclipse-I CTM model pretty much exactly, and those had a full thickness body. Im not sure how much i like that.
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The Eclipse 1 is the Eclipse that's been available in Europe up until they changed the name from ESP Standard Series to E-II Series. I have one from 2009. The Eclipse II is the US-spec model (I'm guessing lawsuit with Gibson as a reason for this) that's also been available in Europe to some lesser extent than the Eclipse I. (The Standard Series were never officially sold in Japan but were purely for export.)

The regular model is as slim as your Ltd, but there was a full thickness body similar to a Les Paul - these had FT in the name for Full Thickness.

With the E-II Series, they seem to have stopped making the 4-knob version with a more rounded cutaway all together and are now only selling the Eclipse II.
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