I'm very new to recording and have a very basic question..I can record fine using heaphones plugged into my Maudio Fastrack. However, would it be possible listen to my guitar through speakers while I play instead instead of headphones?

Can you recommend any good value cheap speakers?

Sure, do you record the amp or you go direct?

Either way, monitor speakers can be used, in the case of mic into amp, you might have to do some positioning so you don't pick the playback into the mic.

On low budget I usually suggest M-Audio.
Thanks for the reply.

I record direct, would something like this be ok?


or these on gumtree, https://www.gumtree.com/p/speakers-monitors/pair-of-wharfedale-speakers/1195856274

Will any monitor speakers do?

Do i just plug them into the interface instead of the headphones?

I've seen a few maudio ones that are hundreds, was after something cheap for beginners.

Thanks again.
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No, those won't work, you need Poweramp for the Wharfedale I think, and it looks badly beaten junk quality.
The media speakers usually are overhyped on bass and won't sound good.

This or AV42 would be the bare minimum I'd go with

You connect to your audio interface output and they're powered monitor speakers.
What interface do you use?
Depends on the monitor model, usually banana jacks on the monitor side, rca or 1/4 mono for each channel. Make sure you get speaker cables or make your own. Audio cables don't work well in this instance because both terminals have to be of equal thickness.
I usually buy bulk speaker wire and make my own because each run is different due to lenght required.
Thanks again. Can see the red and white inputs on the back of the speaker, what type of rca would I need? would this one do?

I prefer live recording with guitar and mic but using headphones on recording device and just putting the monitor setting on or having one ear off. I don't record direct cause I like some natural sound, but some people love it as it can be cleaner. Speakers will cause the playback to come back in the mic though if im not mistaken. It gives a horrible messy sound because that sound can bounce off a few items before hitting mic. Try headphones with one ear off.
Not necessarily, if you use dynamic mic and the amp and mic are say 5 feet or more away from the speaker and the amp is blasting more likely you won't get any bleed. Sometimes bleed is actually cool, it will *marry* the amp sound with the rest of the production as if they were recorded in the same room, a lot of the 60s and 70s productions are like that.