Hello! I'm trying to install EMG solderless in my strat-style guitar, and I can't get how it's supposed to be..

I'm going for one master volume and one master tone and the third knob disconnected, as that seems to be the easiest (?).

There's no cables exept for the one coming from the trem block, all other old electronics are fitted on the old pickguard (sss pickups)
So I shouldn't be needing any of the old cables in this new setup (HH), right? Since I have the 3 way switch SL which is also
Solderless.... I can't understand which cables to connect where..

How am I supposed to make this work? I can't find any wiring scheme for this particular setup.

Pickups: http://www.emgpickups.com/57-66-set.html
3 way switch: http://www.emgpickups.com/accessories/parts/switches/3-posstrat-26trade-3b.html
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Did you read the instructions that came with the pickups? This is the very first wiring setup mentioned in the manual. Follow those instructions, plug everything into the buss, and you are done. It even tells you what to do with that wire coming from the bridge.


Or did you read it and still are stuck with what to do? Or did you just buy the pickups without the buss perhaps?
I took some pictures of all the components:

https://postimg.org/image/jot0rgzq5/ - OVERVIEW
https://postimg.org/image/94o4zqzoz/ - OUTPUT JACK
https://postimg.org/image/xob63yds9/ - BATTERY BUSS (?)
https://postimg.org/image/olmxj1vcd/ - EMG SOLDERLESS 3WAY SWITCH (S3)

I can't understand if I'm supposed to put pickup cables into the battery bus or into the 3way switch...
I can't understand wich of the cables to the put from the output jack into the bus and or the 3way switch..
I can't understand which cables goes from volume&tone control to where

So.. I did read and I'm still stuck..
gorkyporky Okay,so I'll just put the original buss in the box. I'll follow the setup you provided, but I don't understand
how the bottom parts connects: volumes push pull pot? I want to have one volume and tone for both pickups..
You know, the beauty of EMG soderless pickups is, that you can actually try out if it works without having to use any sot of tools. Try it out and see if it works. If it doesnt, adjust. The only thing that i can see being different from the diagram i provided, is that you have normal pots, not push pull ones, and that your pickups only have one cable, not the wide ones the pushpull pots need. And if i remember correctly, its even marked on the pots where the pickup cable goes, and where the pickup and buss cables should go.
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