I just bought my Ibanez Rg350DXZ so completing the gear now and found two good amps. A little while ago i created this thread
and was suggested to go with Peavy Vypyr 30 amplifier or basically any good 12" amp (suggested by toodeepblue and trashedlostfdup).

So making my mind i gave vypyr a shot and tested it along with Blackstar 40 in the shop. From what i found the Vypyr was a lot noisy and Blackstar amp seemed pretty clean comparatively. maybe the shopkeeper didn't know the setting but he set the bypass mode initially.
Another thing which set me up for Blackstar was Blackstar 40 is 40W (ofc) compared to Vypyr 30W and also $50 CHEAPER. BUT it seems to have much less effects than the Vypyr 30 (mod reverb and delay).

Here's a good Blackstar 40 review

Any good stuff/effect missing here that i could rather get on Peavy?

So since Peavy Vypyr was suggested a lot in the thread for this stage, should i still buy it (vypyr 30) over Blackstar 40 (considering it is less wattage and still expensive than blackstar) just because it has more effects? Also is it a clean amp comparatively (again the one in the shop was a bit too noisy being a new piece)? I've seen some videos but again haven't played any a lot for a sound discretion.

Also I'll mostly play at home initially ( so 30 or 40 W difference isn't a big deal but ofc high wattage at lesser price is never a bad thing).
Other models that i could consider buying are Fender Mustang II or VoxVT40