Currently playing on electric guitars(for ~ 8 years now) only, i want to buy my first (electro-)acoustic guitar and I need your help.
I already had a look to the "How to buy an acoustic. What guitar is right for you?" topic, but yet still require some complements.

My budget is around 500$(+-50~) and what i want to play is quite "punchy" (e.g.: Dropckick Murphys).

I was interested in Lag guitars, tryed out T100DCE and T300AE (i want a pre-amp but tried it for comparison), not feeling a major difference.
The point is i don't have a very sensitive ear since i'm not used to acoustic guitars. Is anyone familiar with these models?
In a more global approach, do you have some guitar in this price range you really appreciate/appreciated?

Thank you in advance and sorry for the poor english, it still requires some improvements, as well as my guitar skills ^^
Try as much guitars as you can.. Ibanez, Ovation, Epiphone, Fender, Washburn, Seagull.. and others.. find one that calls out to you. Each instrument has its own tone and voice.. get an acoustic electric that you will play on and not just display on the wall.
I have Washburn guitars 'Maverick Series' and bass 'Bantam Series' and a few pedals and amps, but man I wish to have more patience and drive practicing my playing, if it's equal to the modding itch, then I'm golden.
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Try as much guitars as you can.. Ibanez, Ovation, Epiphone, Fender, Washburn, Seagull.. and others.. find one that calls out to you.

Excellent advice.

But I've played a few different LAG guitars and was impressed with their quality, sound and playability. Very nice guitars. So, to the OP, I think you could do worse.
You can get a brand new Taylor 114E for $599 on Amazon complete with gig bag. They are very nice guitars. They'll blow anything at their price point and below out of the water. It's a bit higher than you want to pay though.

You could always go used. Lots of guys prefer that route because they can afford used models of the new guitars they can't afford.
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FWIW, I prefer old acoustic guitars to new. You know what you're getting, you don't know how a new one will turn. The 114 would be my top choice, but I didn't list it because of the price. Used 114 would be in the range, perhap even a 214

Occasionally I'll see a 114e or 110e in Craigslist for $400. I'd much prefer a used guitar that's been set up to the same model new, so I suppose I agree with you.
Thank you for the many answers, i will try some other models tomorow, both new and used. I'll keep you in touch if you want to !
Indeed the previously quoted Taylor are a bit over what i can afford, even used one, especially because the guitar market is a bit more expensive in europe (may be this is just a fake feeling though). Nevertheless i can still use these kind of series as standards to compare with