So I have a schecter equipped with a Floyd rose. Apparently a big problem with them is string breakage from the wear of the metal causing sharp edges. I was told that saddle singers could help me out until I can replace it. The directions seem pretty straight forward, the problem is they slip right out and soon as I tune it.

Has anybody tried these and know what I may be doing wrong? It also seems that they take up too much room when I get to the bottom strings. Thanks in advance.
I've always just replaced the saddles (try the Graphtech String Saver saddles) or filed the burrs off the existing saddles.
I've seen the saddle singers, but always thought they were a dumb idea. They're a temporary stopgap at best, they're made of soft brass and they wear out fairly quickly. I always wondered why they didn't fall out when you did a serious dive bomb anyway.