Hi everyone, I have now tried 2 or 3 different wirings but none of them work, when I have plugged it in to try if they work the knobs and selectorswitch won't change anything. Both pickups are always on.

What I want is 2 emg 89 (one is 89r)
1 T-style selector switch (I have emg's own model)
1 master volume push/pull
1 master tone push/pull.

If there's an easy change by having 2 master volumes and no tone instead I might use that instead to be able to use switch as killswitch.

What I tried is using a diagram that had 2 volumes 1 tone and just bypass the tonepot. And also using emg's 89 diagram where they tell you how to use the push/pull pot as master volume/master tone and wire: Pickup>switch>volume>tone>output. (with battery to out and switch).

I mailed the emg tech, but they usually take their time to answer and I really want this working now since I've worked with my tele now to fit these pickups for a long while but now I can't get it to work
Seymour Duncans website has a ton of schematics. Otherwise its hard to tell what exactly you are trying to accomplish with the push/pulls and what not. If you're just trying to get a simple layout with - 1 EMG on or the other EMG on or both on, plus your tone and volume? Then thats a pretty typical setup and you should easily find it on Seymours website.
Seems like it would be a typical setup, altough this is the first time I'm wiring a guitar. I just want a normal Master tone, Master volume with the push/pull to split each pickup.

I don't know if I'm wiring the tone and volume in the wrong order or what's up. I found this diagram, is this the way to make it happen? On emg's diagram they tell you how to make the pot a master volume and master tone with each pot having;
Volume/tone input
Volume/tone output
Pickup output

If anyone could help me show how to work with that with this diagram I would be really thankful, I will do some trial and error tomorrow.