Hi guys,

I'll start off by saying I know next to nothing about Looper pedals, or pedals in general for that matter. I've had very little to do with them besides minor use on my Dunlop Wah. I'm pretty keen on getting a looper though for just a bit of fun around the house, nothing major like gigs or anything. With that said, I don't need anything over the top expensive, but at the same time, I'm happy to fork out a few extra bucks for quality if need be.

So any examples would be good, price range as I said on the lower spectrum, but don't mind spending a few bucks. Thanks.
I'd check out the TC Electronics Ditto and if you want more options, the Ditto X4.
I'd recommend the Jamman Express over the Ditto- same price, but the Express has stereo in and out. If all you want to do is play over a backing track you create, then these basic ones work well. If you want drum tracks and loop storage, you will have to add $ and check out the Boss RC-3. For manipulating and switching between loops, you will have to pay more for the bigger Boss loopers, or a Boomerang if you really want to manipulate how you record a loop.
Dave @ Seymour Duncan
Thanks for the reply guys, the Boss RC-3 is only $40aud more than the others mentioned. I'm happy forking out that extra for a quality brand with the extra features!

The 3 hours recorded time over 10 mins is worth the extra $40 in itself.
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AU $194.99 including postage. pretty decent considering it retailed for $300 in local store.

worth getting the footswitch too?