Hey guys!
So i have just ordered a new Randall RD212-D cab and i was wondering, how would i wire it up? my amp has 4/8/16 ohm speaker outputs so thats not the problem. its just that i have never had a cab with stereo and mono inputs haha
The cab only has a mono (working both speakers) input at 8 ohms. So you would have to use that mono input. However, I would want to know what your amp is so we know if the 8 ohm output from the amp is safe to use with the wattage handling of the cab.
Randall Rd20h and an Evh 5150III 50 watt, my old 412 had only 1 input hence why i am confused. and it has a switch, so when plugging in i would change the switch to mono and plug into the right or left jack?
Should be just switch it to mono and use either of the inputs, as long as you are only using one amp at a time. And of course use the 8 ohm output on the amp. I'd like someone to check behind me though.
Sweet, thanks a lot. I think it should come tommorow haha, lets hope i dont blow anything haha