Got this lovely reverb pedal today from Electro Harmonix.
Inspired me instantly to work further on this tune you can see in the video. Hope you enjoy
I really like the natural response. Its not quite as suttle as lets say a spring reverb but I like exactly that attribute. Don´t know of anything better for the price.

The Box comes in as any normal Stompbox. It looks all right but is surprisingly light. Which makes me doubt how sturdy it will be in the long run.
The "clicky" switch itself also seems a bit less sturdy then for example the one on my MXR carbon copy.
Also it needs quite a hefty press all the way down to trigger it. Something I personally like.

The Pedal comes with only one real knob. Which I also love. Im not an audiophile so I hate spending hours to get through knobs and menu.
Just a good sound from the pedal and a knob to adjust the amount is all I need.
The Spring and Hall settings are really nice and useable as a suttle background or full blown effect.
The flerb setting is more a gimmick in my eyes.
For everyone who needs a good sounding reverb with a humane price tag and hates to many knobs, this pedal is perfect !


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nice. in the future a little more of a review is needed to satisfy forum rules. enjoyed the playing we don't get a lot of jazz here so nice change of pace.
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Sounds good! In your next reverb ventures, you might want to check out the Hall of Fame/HOF Mini from TC Electronic. It is on the other end on the spectrum functionality-wise, as they have a lot of different sounds and paramaters adjustable. Around the same price range as the Holy Grail as well.

We do have a dedicated Gear Demo Thread for this kind of thing as well, for more simple video-oriented reviews/sound clips.
Nice, that sounds pretty good. Nice playing, too.
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