I have problem when playing fast rythm on my guitar, for example if i play holy wars or take no prisoners, both by megadeth i make so much noise, especially at take no prisoners, yes, if i play it slowly it sounds cleaner, when i play lead i dont have problems with noise only with very fast riffs, idk, maybe its also the frett buzz? The truth is that i dont practice so much with the guitar plugged, i play every day at the guitar but only once or twice a week with my amp plugged(i also have a shitty amp and the unplugged sounds better than that distorsion) so what should i do to play cleaner with distorsion? I also mention that the other fingers at my picking hand who arent holding the pick stay above the strings and idk how to put them to mute the other strings, can someone help me?
I could take it that you're not comfortable with properly muting single note riffs on the lower strings as you are on the higher strings when you play leads. If you are "cleaner" when you play at slower speeds, then it's properly something going on with your technique as you speed up that causes that bad muting and excess noise.
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