So Yellowcard has been a really big influence on my writing and playing over the years. I saw them on their farewell tour this past week, so I thought I"d do a cover.
without further adieu here is me being awkward playing guitar. let me know what you think!

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It's quite spot on when I recall the almost 1000 times I must've heard the song from playing Flatout 2. From a production side, the clean part can use a different tone as it just seemed way too quiet. A split video of where the guitar harmonies are would've been more interesting. Replacing the violin part on the guitar would've also made the "skill value" of the cover better. Overall good energy and use of angles to keep the video interesting. The bouncing leg was quite a distraction. Appreciate the time you took in making a backtrack yourself instead of just playing over the real song. Beware of cutting out too much mids on the overall track, makes the mix a bit harsh. What I would like to see next is a bit less movement and a more serious pro vibe. Please check out my video