I need a volume pedal case for a custom pedal project, does anyone know a good one? If all goes well I will be making a bunch of these so I need something I can have a steady supply of for a reasonable price.

The pedal is a passive pedal that uses a volume/wah type pedal that will vary the distortion on whatever pedal you connect it to.

I would like to add maybe 4 or so potentiometers so if there is a option with a part to the side of the pedal for that it would be ideal, but I can also attach another box to the side.

This style of case would be ideal:

But I should be able to work with any metal volume or wah pedal case.

I have a prototype made from a boss FV-50 pedal. But I'd like something more solid, and I'd like to have a panel beside the pedal with 4 adjustment pots and a bypass.
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Most everywhere I'm seeing they're running around $40 - $50 plus whatever shipping. I've ordered various kits from BYOC and a few parts with Pedal Parts Plus a few years ago when I was really into building pedals and they're pretty good. I'm not seeing anything close to the price of the one you found. I'm willing to bet that's the best price you found. No idea about the quality though. It seems to have mostly 5 stars, but I see in the feedback section there are a few people mentioning missing screws or that they had to tap threads, machine the holes to different sizes, etc. If you're fine with that I'd say it's worth trying one out to see if it's worth ordering more from them. I'm pretty sure one of these would be pretty good:


but a little more expensive. Another thing to take into account is the shipping cost. Looking at your profile I see you're from canada and I don't know if shipping something from the US is cheaper than from China, but if so it might even out.