Hey guys. So long story short I bought an amp off a guy I met through a friend. He had an old fender m80 combo and he sold it to me for 40 bucks. He doesn't play guitar anyway so he had no use for it. I figured it'd have a nice clean channel so why not. So I bought it. I played it a bit before I did. The middle tone control knob is bent and hard to turn, but it works. As do all the others. And it actually sounds pretty nice. But I didn't turn it up very loud because his wife was getting the kids ready for bed. So I get home and crank it up and..nothin. After about number 1.5-2 on the volume it doesn't get any louder. At all. It sounds pretty good. And I played it awhile with the volume up. But no, it doesn't get any louder. What would that problem even be? i would appreciate it if someone had any input.
Are you on an overdrive channel with a really high gain/preamp volume? I am curious if it is just poor design, not necessarily that something is "wrong" traditionally. Is it not loud at all or just that all of its volume is in the first bit of the knob?
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No. I'm on the clean channel. All the clean channel has is volume, bass, middle, and treble. There is a master reverb and a second channel as well, but it makes no effect.
As for the volume, all the volume is on the first bit of the knob, but it's also much quieter than I believe it should be. I have heard numerous people say these are particularly loud amps. That's partly why I bought it. Granted it's solid state, but it's only getting about as loud as a loud acoustic guitar. I actually play louder in my bedroom. But it doesn't get any louder. So something is definitely wrong