Here they are:

Maple Neck with Rosewood Fingerboard

Unknown wood body, it was only 25$ though so it could be particle board for all I care! The neck was 15 and with 20$ shipping it was still a great deal!

Got them from GFS here: http://www.guitarfetish.com/Factory-Buyout-Clearance-Sale_c_410.html

I eyed their listings for a bit until I found a neck I really wanted, thankfully they had a body that fit with the pickup and bridge routing I wanted!

Planning on some sort of oil finish most likely after a ton of sanding. Hopefully it comes together alright, wish me luck!

As for the hardware/ wiring. I am considering trying a triple humbucker LP style 3 volume set up but I will probably do something unique for fun.

My pickup plan is vaguely as follows:

Humbucker sized P90 Neck
Stacked single coil w coil spit Mid
Humbucker w coil split Bridge

If it comes out nice I might put my Shadow EQ Humbucker I have been saving for something special!

5 band EQ + volume/ gain and it can be ran passive/ active and single/ humbucker! The coolest part is you can wire other pickups through the EQ and make them active! So I will have an active single + P90 + humbucker all in one guitar with the EQ, should be interesting at the very least! That is my plan so far.
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