As the title states, im torn between these amps. Theyre all i can afford.
I mainly play thrash metal (Metallica, Megadeth). I know that no amp is gonna give me their exact tone, but id like to be in the ballpark. I like the heavy sound. Im not able to play either of these so im resorting to you guys.
I dont like really fuzzy sounding stuff so please lead me in the right direction. I have a Friedman be-od pedal and a TS9 so if either amp needs a boost, its all good.
Im not really too crazy about cleans so thats not a big deal. As long as it has a good metal sound, im happy.
You have a couple of threads going but the sound you basically want is a boosted Marshall crunch. Yeah it depends on what era/album you specifically want but a boosted Marshall or a Mesa gets you thrash.

The crunch channel on the 5150/6505 family and clones, Marshall DSL series, etc. there are a ton of amps that can get you close. Krank, Randall, Peavey, Jet City, Engl, Mesa, etc.

Can you find a 6505+ 112 combo in your price range? I see them for $300-$400 all the time.
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