I am seriously thinking of buying one of the new Blues and Jazz series of guitars when they come out and I am not at all familiar with that particular brand of acoustic, so I was wondering what peoples general opinion is of the quality. I am looking specifically at the Blues 51, or maybe the Delta00 depending on the price.
I've always been cool about them, mostly because I associate them with Yairi and epoxied neck joints, but it amounts to little more than personal prejudice. Have a look at Recording King if you want that style of guitar. Something like this:


EDIT. Eastman have a very good reputation, something like this would do it for me (and I have the real deal from 1932):

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I rate them very highly across the board. I've played $200, $1200 and $2200 Alvarez guitars and found them all to be very competitive with other guitars in the same price range.
Alvarez are a consistently good brand, and well worth the money.

I play a since discontinued MC90 as my classical.
My God, it's full of stars!