Okay, so unfortunately I was handed down chode fingers in my genetics and its always worried me due to the fact that I may eventually hit a skillcap constraint where i cannot improve due to my stupid fingers. At this point, there isn't too much I can't do within my skill range, a certain barred chords may cause a few muted notes from time to time because my fingers can't hook over the top of strings below and instead will lay over a couple strings. Also I don't have individual movement in my pinky (if my my ring finger is free of the fret board tends to follow where ever my pinky goes lol) although I believe that is pretty common for most people and can be exercised out, but it can be a pain when trying to do solos with the pinky.

Now I'm sure I'm not the only one here with short stubby fingers, what I'm wondering is, will I always be hindered by my fingers? Or is playing guitar to an extremely high level possible even with these stupid little chodes hanging off my hands? Is anyone else here in the same boat as me? Is there exceecises I can do to help achieve singular movement in the pinky alone?

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This isn't me in the video, but this is what I suffer from (since my explanation in the OP was horrible lol)
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This isn't me in the video, but this is what I suffer from (since my explanation in the OP was horrible lol)

Nevermind, I've found an answer to independently moving my pinky finger and it looks like I'm fucked in that regard... Lol.

Your fingers are fine.

To wit, here are a couple big fat fucks who are also guitar gods:
Johnny Hiland
Warren Haynes

and Django, who only had like two and half fingers on his left hand:

And there's also video somewhere on this forum of a dwarf with deformed hands shredding some metal.

So basically, stop whining about your fingers and practice more.
There's nothing wrong with your fingers

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