Title pretty much. I've got my fantastic Dean Vendetta that has been modded to hell and back so it sounds phenominal for my first electric. Problem is, my jack requires a few solid strikes with the palm of my hand to settle in properly so I think it's about ready to kick the bucket. I need a jack swap and was hoping the guys at UG might know! I'd prefer one made in the states. I don't quite know what I'm looking for so yeah, the body is basically a Gibson shape and the jack is located on the bottom of the thickness in the body. Sorry for my lack of vocabulary
1/4" panel mount jack, mono if you have passives and stereo if you have actives.

You can usually clean or re-tension the existing one if it's not working great, it's just a bent piece of metal so it's pretty rare that anything actually breaks.
Roc8995 Yeah, But everything seems solid however no matter how far I bend the metal tab forward the plug still wiggles around in the jack.

In hindsight, no I'm not making a joke here. I'm not trying to put a 1.5mm plug in my output jack. I'm not that daft.

EDIT: Agh English! I get sick for 2 days and I'm slowly loosing my memory.
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Ok, so the whole assembly is loose, probably. Might as well replace the whole thing, they're cheap anyway. When you install the new one, tighten everything snugly and then dab a little bit of nail polish on the threads (inside and outside) to keep it all tight.