Hey there guys, so I am currently playing a Gibson SGJ and a Fender mexi strat as my two main geetars. My strat is a currently stocked with the 3 single coils.

What I want to do is, replace the pickguard with an HSS pickguard, and find a bridge humbucker that is smooth and compatible with the two stock single coil pick-ups. I love the sound of those two, but aa for the bridge, I wanted something more thick sounding, and something a little more gain-friendly.

I'm not picky with brands, I just don't want any extra buzz or noise from the guitar itself. One that's around the output of my stock SGJ humbucker. I just heard that it was bad to cross pickup brands, for the risk of unwanted noise. Maybe fender brand humbucker on the blacktops would be best? Any advice appreciated, thanks guys.
nonsense on the different brands thing. check out the blue Lace Sensor as it will fit in your existing pickguard and give you a PAF humbucker type sound. have 1 in my Strat Plus (stock for that guitar)
Another option is the Seymour Duncan JB Jr. single-coil-size ‘rails’ humbucker pickup. Godin uses that in one of their Stratclones..
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Feel free to mix brands. There might be some wiring issues (some pickups, like Duncans & Fender, are wired opposite) but it is easily remedied. For a huge, thick sounding pickup in the bridge, the Hot Rails will do it.
I definitely recommend as above mentioned getting a single coil sized humbucker or maybe just a hotter sc. I had a hot rails in mine which was perfect on its own but honestly didn't jive with the fat 50s pups, so I put in an ssl-5. The ssl-5 is absolutely a single coil but hotter. if you want thicknesss though hot rails or jb jr are probably your best bets I know of. Many do like lace as said above but I'm not a big fan
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