So I'm planning to get my first part time job which is gonna be hard but I'm gonna keep looking till I find one (I could possible score myself a job working in my rich uncles smelly bloody butchers, which is a huge warehouse type place so there should be some work needed) and I wanna set myself some goals in terms of gear. I dunno whether to save for an expensive guitar or stock up on pedals (eg Dunlop crybaby wah, Mxr band eq, Overdrive pedal etc.) my current guitar is a Esp Ltd ec 331 and the reason I bought this instead of the 401 is because my local guitar tech who is good friends with my mom had a new set of emg 81/85s lying around and he said he'd install with me and being an idiot I've waited until now to install the 81/85s.The ec 331 and 401 are practically identical aside from the pickups (ec 401- emg 81/60) and the Grover tuners but my ltd tuners stay in tune for longer than I need. The ec 1000 is pretty much identical too aside from some cosmetic differences. I really like my guitar but saving up for a new high end one can't hurt right? The amp I have is a bugera 6262 which gives me a wicked tone and IMO is the best amp I could've got for the price and despite bugeras reliability issues this thing has been around for a long time and everything is in working order and sounding how it should. Should I just keep my guitar and slap some pedals in front of it? Or save for a new guitar to have along side the guitar I already have? As you can probably tell from my setup, I'm into heavy metal and I'm into lead guitar/ shred stuff. My favourite bands being Black sabbath, A7X, Metallica, Black label society, megadeth etc.