Which guitar is better in terms of sound quality and craft quality. I'm not into ESP guitars so i don't know what i'm dealing with. This two guitars are about the same price (used), 800$.

I have linked some photos bellow.
I don't think an American Special should be 800 dollars. Not sure how the prices are in the States, but I'd imagine them being lower than here on Fender. Which should mean you'd get a Standard Tele easily for 800.

If they're the same price, I'd certainly get the ESP over the US Special.
I K0nijn I Hello thanks for the reply, but i'm not from the states, i'm from europe Here a American Special is about 1100 euros and the ESP seems about 800. I'm more looking for the differences between the sound, because i'm afraid that the ESP won't sound as good as the Fender, i haven't found any ESP demos, so i can't compare the sound quality. Which one actually sounds better? That is what I need to know.
It's best to give your location when asking these questions and not just converting the currency to dollars. :P I'd still say 800 for an American special is too much. I see them come up here for 650. I can't tell you which one will sound better (as it's very subjective), but if the ESP's I've played are any indicator for the quality of this Tele, I'd get the ESP any day.
I think you may be looking at it wrong, as you can just about ALWAYS change the sound of a guitar with different pickups, but you can't change the build quality. I'd go ESP all the way, and even if the sound isn't to your liking, just replace the pickups. I'm sure the ESP at least sounds DECENT.
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