Hi all

I am using a Boss DD2 delay pedal and Boss tuner pedal and this is pretty much all I will ever use, I have a plug in power supply for the delay unit but can I split this supply to power the tuner too? Is there a simple cable splitter adapter I can buy? Any advice would be great that's guys.
If your tuner is a Boss TU-3 then IIRC you have the option to daisy chain the power supply that way. Just plug an adapter into the tuner and get some daisy chain plugs to power your other pedals from the TU-3.
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Should be fine to daisy chain as long as the power supply is rated for more than 150 ma

As you daisy chain more pedals look up the current draw, add them all together, and make sure your power supply can handle that. There are 1000 milliamps to an amp, so if the powersupply says 1.5 A then that's the same as 1500 ma