No idea what genre this even would be, it has guitars and drums and chords and stuff so yeah.

Wrote this a while back on guitar and really like the chord progressions but I found it very hard to structure and have no idea over what part lyrics should actually go. On top of that, I accidentally must have deleted its GP file and only had the midi left, but importing it leads to all kinds of issues so better just listen to it.

I feel like the chorus, especially the final one, is a bit too weak to give the song proper closure, it gets a bit repetitive but I found no fitting way to fix it so here it is.
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I figured I'd check back in here and who's name do I see near the top? So, for old times sake, here we go.

Structurally the song is a bit all over the place, things I would identify as verses or chorus don't really seem to land where they would in typical song structure. However, for the most part it still flows well. Ultimately if this song is intended to have vocals it would be up to the vocalist to write melodies and lyrics that really define each section of the song.

The intro feels like a missed opportunity. It's a great start, but it's very short and the transition is extremely abrupt. I think it would be better if it were at least double the length. There are many ways you could build onto it with each repetition, either by using the instruments you have, or by adding new instruments. You could have keys holding the chords or adding long melodies, or a lead guitar doing some sort of volume swell. If you could find a way to seamlessly blend the intro into the next part of the song that would be really cool. Alternately you could either extend the last bar of the intro to 5/4 or cut the intro one beat earlier and let the notes ring for a beat. If this were a real recording I'd have the first chord of the next section swell in for that extra beat while the last notes of the intro ring, along with some kind of short rising drum fill.

The next section is great. Love the chord progressions, it's all incredibly strong. it could probably function as either a verse or a chorus. At 0:45 you've got a bit of a break. Almost sounds too early in the song for this. Still works fine, but I feel it's wasting some of the momentum the previous section built.

I'm not really sure what to call this next section of the song. It almost sounds like a bridge. The progression is good, but it's definitely not as strong as the first part, I definitely wouldn't use this as a chorus. There's also a really *really* ugly note that appears a few times. The first time is around 0:56 . I think I'm hearing a D note over a G#7 chord. It might work slightly better on a real instrument, but in midi it stands out in a bad way.

The following part also sounds like it could be a pre-chorus, sounds great and there's some really nice chord changes in there. I'm wondering what would happen if you cut our the previous section and used this as a pre-chorus.

1:44 sounds like the chorus to me. It's very strong and leaves a lot of possibilities for good vocal melodies. Personally I would have it a little earlier in the song. I can't say I'm a huge fan of the Amaj7 in there. I know it's a bit more standard, but I much prefer an F#7 as it gives a stronger resolution. Or perhaps 1 bar of A (I prefer Amaj9 over Amaj7 in this context) and one bar of F#7, or even just a quick beat or two F#7. Or... Just a different voicing of A. x,0,11,9,10,12 sounds pretty decent to me.

Following that sounds like you're back into the not quite a bridge part. Some more unpleasant dissonance at 3:04 and a few other spots. Too much focus seems to be placed on the out notes rather than in notes. Otherwise it's ok. I'm not really sure I like hearing this part again though and it also seems to drag a little. Vocals might help bring life to it, but it just doesn't feel strong enough to have as dominant of a part as it does in the song.

Very abrupt change back into the intro. It's great you brought it back though. Nice little variations as well and I like how you built onto it. Could again be somewhat longer. The bass part is absolutely fantastic and I really like the way it adds tension both in the notes and the way it shifts the rhythm away from the guitar in the second half. The transition back in is much smoother this time as well.

I'm glad you brought this part back and honestly I would have it appear at least once more somewhere in the middle of the song. It's a very strong ending though, and your choice of chords to end the song on is magnificent.
hey man, long time no see, thanks for the feedback. I totally agree with the structure of the song being all over the place. I just build the song experimenting on the guitar which, as you might remember, is not how I usually make my songs, so I basically had a couple of cool chord progressions that I definitely wanted to use, yet no idea what to use them for exactly.

What you are referring to as the bridge was actually supposed to be the verse. What really destroys a traditional song structure is the part at after the chorus, at about 2 minutes. I can totally imagine some background keys there or a very mellow, ambient type solo over it, leaving the chord progression to stand out, while the part after it at about 2:50 is more of a verse-variation and that whole thing gave me a really hard time thinking about which part should have vocals or not.

As for the D over the G#, I agree that it takes some time getting used to but since youre sliding right down to a C# it sounds quite nice on the guitar and is one of my favorite parts of the song, apart from the transition from the main riff to the first verse 45 seconds in.

About the intro and outro, I'm infatuated with the concept of only bringing back distinct intros once more for the outro and I while I considered usicronicing it again after about 2 minutes, it felt like it would in turn weaken the impact of the outro. I like the abrupt changes and while I agree with the song dragging in some parts, I generally like its flow, except I havent quite figured out how to handle it.

Anyway I'll play around with some of your suggestions so thanks for that
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