I have two 7 strings, one Ibanez 25.5" scale, one Jackson 26.5" scale.

With a longer scale, everything is further apart across the whole length of the guitar, correct?

Here are my measurements, from center of nearest pole, to where the string makes contact on the bridge. picture

Ibanez 25.5"
Low string 1-6/8"
High string 1-3/8"

Jackson 26.5"
Low string 1-1/8"
High string 15/16"

That about a average of a half inch closer on a longer scale where things should be spaced farther apart from each other.

My tone is sort of honky in the high mid or treble range, almost like a cocked wah, but not as severe. Most people wouldn't notice, but I'm not getting the tone I want at all like I can on my Ibanez. That deep growl is not there.

At first I thought it was the pickups, I went from SD Pegasus to a DiMarzio Titan. No difference at all.

Another possibility I'm thinking is the wiring. I don't know much about it, I only wired them exactly how it was wired, but I didn't mess up because it sounds exactly the same.

If this closeness to the bridge is the problem, would it be feasible to route out maybe a half to 3/4th of an inch and shift my pickup for a fuller tone? It's a cheap guitar so I'm not that concerned.
Bump. Here's a soundclip. Two riffs, Ibanez first, Jackson second.


I don't know how audible the honky "cocked wah" sound is on the Jackson in this recording, but it's very noticeable when I'm playing or on recording in the mix.
Like I said, both the Ibanez and the Jackson have had the Pegasus in the bridge, and only the Jackson exhibits this kind of tone.

I'm at a loss because I don't know whats causing it, and I'm unsure where to start about fixing it. My only thoughts are to wire the bridge directly the the output jack to see if it's a wiring issue, or route and move the bridge pickup further away from the bridge, as i said before, it's much close to the bridge than on the ibanez.
yeah i can hear what you mean in the clips, but i'm not sure what the answer is either. i guess there's always the possibility that something was wrong with the jackson's wiring originally? though listening to the clip it doesn't really sound like something's seriously wrong with it.

it may well be the distance from the bridge thing as you said, but i'm not sure and you'd obviously want to check that out before hacking up a guitar, even a cheap one.
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I have a 30" bari with the bridge pickup (SD Jazz) pole about 2" from the saddle on the bass side, and I have often wondered how much this contributes to its very good tone. So it is possible that the pickup location is contributing to the tone in you case.

FWIW, I've also wondered whether the slant on a strat bridge pickup would be better going the other way, for mellower treble and brighter bass tone.
Thanks guys.

I wired the bridge pup straight to the jack. Sounds exactly to same. Now I'm too lazy to wire it back

Now that I've ruled out wiring, sometime in the future I'm going to move my pickup away from the bridge. Along with potentially solving my problem, it'll also be fun to hear how pickup distance affects tone.

I'm also wondering how scale length + wood could impact the tone. I've never heard wood make such a drastic difference, especially not a sort of cocked wah sound, and various examples of 25.5" vs something 27" never sounded like what I'm experiencing.

If it makes any difference, looking online at other 26.5" guitars, most have the bridge further away, although a few do have it near the same distance as mine.

Edit: the ground shouldn't affect tone at all right? I kept the ground on the same pot.

Hot wire (N start) is straight to the output jack, the two other wires (N and S finish) are twisted together and taped off, S start and ground are twisted and soldered to the volume pot.

This is how I wired the SD on the Ibanez and it sounds right, barely a difference from the stock pickups I had.
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Really want it have fun experimenting with that? Put the pickup on a sliding rail mount with some kind of locking mechanism. That way you can have the pickup anywhere you want.

Who knows? Perhaps it would become a popular setup for those who like single pickup guitars...
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Sturgeon's 2nd Law, a.k.a. Sturgeon's Revelation: “Ninety percent of everything is crap.”

Why, yes, I am a lawyer- thanks for asking!

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