Hey, so I just got an LTD Viper from a pawn shop and the previous owner put Seymour Duncan invaders in it. I'm not sure if I like these pickups. I like the sound of the neck but I can't tell with the bridge. Here's the issue: when I move the toggle to the bridge position, I'm still getting both the neck and bridge pickups. How can I fix it? I've looked at wiring diagrams but the wiring in the viper is a mess. There's also a push pull to make things more complicated.
Just rewire it from scratch.
Joža je kul. On ma sirove z dodatki pa hambije.
Agreed, find a schematic with a setup you like and start over, its a lot easier than trying to figure out what someone else was trying to do, afterall, thats probably why it ended up in a pawn shop.