Like the piano melody in the beginning, and the next part at 0:30. Sounds very "dreamy", so that fits the title well
The think the transition to the part at 1:00 was a bit abrupt. So maybe try to make that a bit smoother. That chordprogresion reminds me a bit of
"While my Guitar gently weeps". Like that arpeggio on the top of the chords. Gives me a nice folk/Led Zeppeling vibe.
Nice piano at 1:30 and 2:07. The guitar sounds very dry, maybe a bit of reverb would help.
Cool guitar solo at 3:03, but it sounds very back in the mix. Maybe you should bring it up a bit.

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hey, that's a nice piece of music. Bass at the start was marginal on going distorted for my laptop speakers. The breakdowns were nice in a Gently Weeps kinda way. And the electric at the end gave a nice injection of grit, played well.

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This realllyyyy deserves lyrics dude. You could do something really beautiful with this. I love it though great job.