Hello, I can play barre chords fine, all smooth and switching not the problem, though when I release the barres, and change the chord all the strings mute how do you say? I'm not sure why, I read that you strum in between to get rid of that, though it just doesn't sound correct with normal chords playing a open C
and switching to an open d it rings out though when barring it does not ring?: Ideas?
So, let me see if i got this straight, you are having problems switching from barre chord to open chord?

If so, well. pick a barre and pick a open,. Then train switching between those two.
It all comes down to practice, there is no big secret.
renatofrmsantos Nope not exactly what I was explaining, it's more because no open strings so it doesn't ring out, its not the switching that is the problem, it just doesn't sound quite correct. because all is barred with no open strings, im not sure if you can understand