whats up guys, im new here, and i need new gear for me, i want a new guitar, i want a hollow body guitar, i dont know what to choose between epi casino, epi Sheraton or epi dor, im thinking to buy a brand new, i dont know if i should pick an expensive one or a cheaper one and then get a better pickups, any other suggestion?
Besides the guitar i need a "shaffordable" valv combo, just for homemade projects, what is out there?
I am a bluesy guy, and i want to play mostly blues, but a bit of rock too.
My budget is 700 euros tops, for everything
Thanks for your time.
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From my experience you could not go wrong with any of those you have listed. They would all do what you want well. As for the amp I would reccomend a fender blues Jr. III. I don't know how that would transfer to euros, but it should be pretty close
If you can play them each first and go by how they feel to you. you may not even want to change pickups after you get one of them home. I would personally for for the dot, but I'm not the one going to be playing it.
P90s will be a bit more a the midrange-treble side with more noise. Humbuckers will give you more bass and an overall thicker sound. Either will work well for your style of music.