Hey guys, can someone help me a little bit? I figured out how to play (almost) the whole song, yeah almost. Can you tell me what is Kirk playing at 5:04 - 5:14, 5:21 - 5:26 and so on. Here's the link: /watch?v=Ckom3gf57Yw I also found a really good cover, but damn man - I can't really figure out what he's playing right there (/watch?v=05fsCNs6jqA). Thanks \m/
Okay so I guess that you guys can't figure it out too or you're just too lazy to try. Well, after some tries, I hope I guessed it... Hope it sounds right.
e ------------------3-3h5~-5/7-7h8~-----
B ------------3h5---------------------------
G - 2-4-4/5--------------------------------

e ------------------------------------------
B -3/5-5-5\3-3---------------------------
G -----------------2/4-5-------------------

e ------------------------------------------
B -3/5-5-5\3-3-------------------------- OR -3h5-5-5p3-3-----
G -----------------2/4\2-------------------
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