I like the idea and the folksy vibe. Good lyrics and vocals are on for the most part. I like the bit at 1:47, cool transition into a lead. Whats the high pitched instrument, synth? Its fun sounding. Overall, I think the writing is good but I'm going to nitpick production a bit (sorry). I think the loose feel you have fits the folk vibe, but I feel like the timing could be tighter in places and both the guitar and vocal parts could benefit from a few more takes.

On its way to a solid track for sure, just think you could take it from good to great! Rock on.
elementwood89 thanks for taking the time to comment. I appreciate it. That high pitched sound is a harmonica through a Digitech Vocal 300 on the setting "vibrato".
Wow I really liked that! It reminded me of Neil Young
At times the song itself reminded me of Smile by the Supernaturals. That unusual instrument at the start and end was a bit weird but worked.
Vocals were clear enough that I didn't need to look at the lyrics.
I felt the middle bit, or solo, dropped out a touch too much sound overall, and the song didn't need to end as quick as it did. But overall it was great, would listen again.

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Thanks for the reply! Nice song! Has an oldies countryish feel to it. I find this very unique for the time that we live in. I like the chord change coming out of the verse as well. Overall i'd say this biggest thing that could be touched up to make the biggest difference would be the drums. Drums are a pain to record, but sometimes poorly recorded drums will sound better than a drum machine. Same with guitar. I would recommend using a microphone for an acoustic guitar as the pickups are always going to sound very dull. Couple notes sounded a bit flat on vocals, but overall nice work and keep it up!
Quote by Eric Berg
I would recommend using a microphone for an acoustic guitar as the pickups are always going to sound very dull. Couple notes sounded a bit flat on vocals, but overall nice work and keep it up!

Ya...vocals take a lot of work. I took voice lessons for a year and that helped, but it still takes a lot of effort. The guitar on this is an electric through a Digitech RP255. I think that's my biggest complaint about the RP255 is that the clean effects aren't perfect. Thanks for the listen and comments.
Timing is a bit odd & loose. But the song is still amusing. Yeah the (a bit like Neil Young) vocals are a little pitchy. People are probably tired of me quacking about Melodyne, though you might try some pitch correcting software. The guitar riffs are good. An entertaining song. Please review my music at this link:

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The timing is a bit off in the beginning. Like that opening melody
Not the biggest fan of the guitar tone. Sounds a bit too dry.
I like the tone of your voice, but as aaron said, they are a bit pitchy.
Nice and fun upbeat feeling in this song.
The drums feels a bit all over the place. Especially during the guitar solo.
All in all, it was a fun listen(in the good way ). Work on that timing a bit more and the pitch of the vocals.

Crit for crit?
You might be sicky of hearing it, but yeah, you sound like Neil Young. That is not a bad thing. The song's good. I would try to tighten the timing in the intro- the rest is just fine. The Digitech really is letting you down in my opinion- the sound would be almost the same if you had plugged directly into the interface. This song and style would work with a miced acoustic or if you want a clean electric feel, check out the Joyo American Sound. $30 bucks for a great Fender clean sound that also takes effects fantastically. I did my song with it. Again, your song writing is excellent, and that's the hard part. A few production tweaks and your recordings will match.
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Really well done. The guitars could've been mixed in a little better though. Maybe you've got it running through some delay, or eq it a bit to make it a little brighter? The vocals definitely go flat in a few places, but I like that it does. It's just enough to feel nice and natural.
That's a great start ! I really like the whole feeling of the song. That's quite joyful ! The mastering is not good overall. Maybe you should just pay a bit more attention to the synchronisation of the instruments in order too keep the groove going on !

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