Obviously I'm proud of this but still interested in people's views. My friend guesting on it and I wrote it together.

I put the video together too.
Will critique anything in return.
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The Judist I really like message in the lyrics. Well thought out. I like the productions as well. Seems pretty well-balanced. the vocal performance is right on. It's tight. I like the solo with the uke! Nicely done. Thanks for the comment on mine as well.
Good production all around, video and audio are great. Jimi moves on the uke got a smile out of me. Writing is good and chorus is catchy. No complaints on performance, outro solo was a nice touch too. The only critique I can offer is that the vocals are lacking some 'oomph'. Your vocalist has a nice voice, but some parts just felt a bit stale for me.

Overall, cool song and video!
Nice and catchy opening melody!
Not a big fan of the guitar tone though. Sounds a bit fizzy.
I like the lyrics. They are just straight to the point. Vocals are quite good as well, but I agree with elementwood89, they lack a bit punch.
The video is great, man. It's a bit funny, but I really enjoyed it
Nice epic guitar solo in the ending as well. The guitar tone sounds way better here.

Crit for crit?
Great song! Catchy, thoughtful melodies and solid production! The video was put together very well too!
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You must be related to Jimmy Hendrix! That was funny (you, not necessarily me). It's possible that (overall) this was your best tune for me. Having a good video didn't hurt either. Her singing & melodies are quite good. The guitar riffs and playing are good. Drums & bass are working fine too. If it makes any difference, I have never illegally downloaded any music off the internet myself. I have had friends give me a few CD's from questionable sources. Good thing I'm only doing music as a hobby, because it's obviously very difficult to make a decent living playing in a rock band. Not sure how youtube gets away with having almost anything halfway popular on their website, though perhaps famous bands post stuff there anyhow because it will eventually be on youtube anyway. Please review my music at this link:

Hey! Sorry for the delay- I figured my thread was done, glad to be wrong.

Production on this is excellent. Big, wide, rich sounds with great definition. The guitar playing and tones were my favorite part. I don't know how helpful this will be for you personally but while the vocals were clear and well produced, the phrasing and delivery were somewhat flat. I would have liked to hear some of the outrage or sarcasm that are there in the lyrics expressed in the performance... it almost sounded like she was so worried about hitting her notes that she lost sight of hitting the emotion. Maybe as a vocalist I'm being overly picky but work in that direction would really help, I think. I know it's not strictly about the production but the first step to a good recording is a great performance- something I should remind my own lazy ass of more often...
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